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January – May 2020

365 Days in Washington

It’s officially been a year since I moved from California to Washington. In that year a lot has changed. Recently, over the past few months, things have changed again. I decided to put together a short vlog to explain what’s been going on in my life. Be sure to turn off restricted viewing in your settings so you can see the video.

Love everything that happens

Last year was a crazy year, full of emotions. A few months ago I got a tattoo that really reflects this experience. I hope it will help me grow as a person and appreciate all of the struggles and challenges that the universe has thrown at me. It’s based on a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche. “That one wants nothing to be different, not forward, not backwards, not in all eternity.

Not merely bear what is necessary, still less conceal it….but love it.” – Friedrich Nietzsche 1844-1900