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June – November 2019

No caffeine for 30 days (Part 2)

In October I told myself I wouldn’t have coffee or soda for the entire month. October has officially ended. So now let’s take a look back at my journey and see what happened when I made this change in my life.

No caffeine for 30 days (Part 1)

It’s October that means we are almost done with this year, but I’ve just started a new journey. This month I’ve decided to stop drinking coffee and soda. I am basically only drinking water. Join me as I talk about my experience of cutting out caffeine and share how I’m feeling overall.

I did a thing

I recently did something that changed my outlook on life for the better. As many of you know, I’ve been fighting depression, feeling anxious and have just been a hot mess overall. Last week I had an epiphany and I want to talk about it and how I’ve been feeling so much better ever since. This is only the first part of my journey, but it’s a start to a brand new lifestyle.

Here I am

I’ve been having a really hard time since moving to Washington. I know life will get better, but I still feel very anxious and depressed. I open up about my feelings on this new episode of the Vlog and also explain why I previously stopped filming them.

Mater Yoda Master of Lightroom

The other day I was taking photos of my 6 inch Black Series Archive Edition Master Yoda figure. The sun was perfect , I told myself that it was  a great day to take a photo of this figure. I remembered that I said last week that I was going to start vlogging more regularly again. So, I made a quick tutorial on how I shoot my figures.

Please  know that I’m not a professional photographer.  I might do things differently than the norm, but I wanted to show you a little bit my  process of editing photos using Adobe Lightroom. So, sit down and enjoy this quick video and hopefully I don’t bore you with all the technical stuff.

A New Beginning

Well, I’ve been in Washington for just a little bit over a month now and I have decided that I was going to start Vlogging again. Here’s a quick little update of what’s going on my life and why I am now living in Washington. I don’t know how often I’ll publish these, but the goal is about once a month. For now, enjoy episode one of Season Two.