Hello, I am a  native of California. Yet I  grew up in France, which may explain my love of French new wave cinema and experimental filmmaking, or it could just be that I grew up watching horror movies from a very young age. I have always been fascinated with graphic design. One of my earliest childhood memories was asking my mom to go into a church in France. It was very disappointing for me that the glass painting was not a movie poster because I thought the church was a theater. After moving back to Los Angeles at the age of 9, I became a huge fan of the skateboard and graffiti culture, which have had a huge influence on my life.

My first childhood memory is waking up at my uncle’s house and watching The Empire Strikes Back at the age of three. I am not afraid to admit that I am a proud nerd. I am an avid comic book fan and this combined with my love of talk radio inspired me to co-create a long-running podcast/video show called Comic Impact and now I am one of the hosts of Dune Talk.

My approach to graphic design and what developing should be is that the product is the most important part so let’s keep it clean and simple and have your product be The focus point. I am often spired by the music that I listens to the films that he watches.

“We’re all just consumers, we all know what we want, we all know what we like but my goal as a designer/video editor is to make your product the most important part”

I also have a theory that Legos are very much like any design or video editing projects you need all the right elements four the project to work properly so why not send me an email and reach out .When I am not creating content I enjoys relaxing with his girlfriend and his pugs reading comic books building Legos and listening to music. I lives in (Olympia) Washington.


Oui je parle encore couramment le français.